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Frothy white on the top, dark black/brown on the bottom.  How are these monkeys related to a drink originating from Italy around the 17th century?

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X is a forest located in Uganda and is the only preserve in the country dedicated solely to scientific research. In 1947, it became the birthplace of something which has been sweeping across the world recently. So much so, that it has forced an Indian company to reconsider one of its products, to avoid the negative connotations.


Identify X.

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Piñatas like these started selling like hot cakes in Mexico after the gentlemen they’re inspired by, made some controversial statements earlier this year.

Identify this person.


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Every year Nathan’s Famous organises a competition on July 4 in Brooklyn, New York. Even though it is seemingly simple, contestants have developed different techniques over the year such as the Solomon Method, Dunking, Carlene Pop and Buns & Roses. The competition was first televised in 2003 on ESPN and has been gathering more than a million viewers every year.

What is this competition all about?

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From: Mega-Whats 2015

This French term is used in zoology refers to the care of another’s offspring, for instance in a colony. This term is generally used in the study of bird colonies, the most common example being penguins — this allows the young ones to keep warm while the elders can hunt for food. Identify this term familiar to young working parents.

What’s the good word?

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