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I seemed to have jumbled up these 6 images. Can you arrange them in sets of 2 and give a final connect.

mad painting skills

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He studied Western classical music as a student at Oxford University. A highly gifted musician of this time, he collaborated on The Lord of The Rings’ Stage Musical original score with Finnish folk music group Varttina and Christopher Nightingale. In 2009, Time included him on its list of the world’s most influential people and in 2011 UK-based world-music magazine Songlines named him one of “Tomorrow’s World Music Icons”. Having been performed at places like the Apollo Theatre, West End, London, Broadway, he has been compared to Mozart himself.

Who is he?

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This band was camped in a casino complex in Switzerland where a Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention concert was going on. A spectator fired a flare gun during the concert leading to a fire which destroyed the entire complex. However the lead singer of the band saw poetry in the events that occurred and the band recorded one of their most famous songs inspired by the incident.

Name the song. Name the band.

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According to data released by UNESCO, India produced the maximum number of feature films in the year 2011.

Which country comes second in the list after India?

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From: Sense a Femur 2015

The character that launched X’s career was inspired by BBC Radio 1 DJ Tim Westwood, seen here, who, despite being the white, upper-middle-class son of the Anglican bishop of Peterborough, speaks in a strange dialect that emulates black British hip-hop culture while also imitating its clothes and mannerisms. Name the character, and identify X.

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