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Connect the following places with respect to a law:
Longyearbyen (Norway),
Falciano del Massico (Italy),
Sarpourenx (France) and
Itsukushima (Japan).

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He studied Western classical music as a student at Oxford University. A highly gifted musician of this time, he collaborated on The Lord of The Rings’ Stage Musical original score with Finnish folk music group Varttina and Christopher Nightingale. In 2009, Time included him on its list of the world’s most influential people and in 2011 UK-based world-music magazine Songlines named him one of “Tomorrow’s World Music Icons”. Having been performed at places like the Apollo Theatre, West End, London, Broadway, he has been compared to Mozart himself.

Who is he?

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Football Fanatics Week:

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Whose state did the Irish betting company Paddy Power put up outside the Anfield football stadium for his ‘services to Liverpool Football Club’ earlier this year?


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Contemporary dogs in military roles are also often referred to as police dogs, or in the United States as a Military Working Dog (MWD), or K-9. Traditionally, the most common breed for these police-type operations has been the German Shepherd(Alsatian). They are trained to serve as sentries, trackers, search and rescue, scouts, and mascots. The Alsatians are a part of every country’s military except for Spain.

Why aren’t they allowed in Spanish Military?

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This society first started by Samuel Shenton in 1956 has the principle idea as of today is no longer believable. However the members say that the proofs are manipulated and hence its existence even in this 21st century. It’s logo draws inspiration from the UN flag.

Which society am I talking about?

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