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On August 1 1981, X was launched with the first premiere on it being the song called ‘Video killed the Radio Star‘. As predicted by the song, this changed the music scene dramatically, with a shift towards the visual side of music.

Id X.

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When its singer appeared on The Early Show in 2008, and was asked about this song and its lyrical meaning, he said the song was about sex and making love in the summertime and not what people usually think about it.

Id the song.

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This January, a petition was started by the American people against a pop star, with the aim to deport him back to his native country. The petition has gained 273,000 signatures ahead of calls for cleaner air (14,035 signatures) and tougher regulations on Wall Street (23,851 signatures). However, the White House has refused to comment on the situation, which is their polite way of saying no, as there is no strong case against this individual.

Who am I talking about?


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This song is used to train doctors to perform CPR efficiently .This is because of the fact that the song has a consistent 104 beats per minute, which is close to the recommended compression per minute needed for a CPR 100- 120 compression per minute).
As per the American Heart Association, it provides the ideal rhythm in terms of beats per minute for hands-only CPR and Another Study conducted by the University of Illinois College of Medicine found that the quality of CPR while listening the song was actually better.

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As a part of its promotional strategy, HBO decided to release a rap music album called ‘Catch the ______’, starring famous musicians like Daddy Yankee, Common, Big Boi. The album features songs like ‘Fire’, ‘The Ladder’, ‘Magical Reality’, ‘Born to Rule’ among several others.

What is HBO trying to promote through the album?

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